What Technology Do Search Engines Use To ‘Crawl’ Websites?

Today is my topic is ”What Technology Do Search Engines Use To Crawl Websites?” 

  1. Androids
  2. Interns
  3. Automatons
  4. Bots

Answer for this Question is “Bots

Explanation: What Technology Do Search Engines Use To Crawl Websites?

Crawl: Crawl is a search engine’s bots that crawl your content and index it, although there are many crawlers, we’ll only talk specifically about Google’s crawler in it. Suppose you publish content if you Google it. If you don’t get indexed in the console, Google’s crawler starts by visiting your website and analyzing your data, whatever information comes from your website,

The information that you index in the register so that it can index any crawler if you are unable to crawl any of your data on your website, for this you can send Google’s crawler a robots.txt file You can download that content from Google crawler or search engine. If you want to hide, you have to add some lines for this in robots.txt file, after that no Google bot will be able to analyze your content, I hope you have understood what a crawler is.

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