Search Engine Marketing Can Also Be Called What?

In this article, you’ll know the answer to this question “Search Engine Marketing Can Also Be Called What?”

  1. Pay-per-click advertising
  2. Organic advertising
  3. Search box marketing
  4. One-click advertising

Answer for this Question is “Pay-per-click advertising

Explanation: Search Engine Marketing Can Also Be Called What?

Pay-per-click advertising

When you create a website of your own, then you make money on it in the same way as affiliate marketing, sponsorship, native aids, you earn money by putting advertising company’s advertising on your website, then there are many advertising companies that are Google Adsense. The famous advertising company that you give customers for impressions and other company gives clicks or just impressions, but Google Adsense gives you both clicks and impressions,

Now it is a matter of how to pay for clicks. You must have worked on the keyword, if you have the value of the keyword on the content of $1 click per count (CPC), then you have a chance to get up to $1 for every click that you have made by applying Google Adsense and you have advertised on the blog website. When someone clicks on the ads, you can get up to $1 from it, it all depends on the keywords and Country, how much you will get.

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